Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mark Roeder

Mark Roeder
Noncommittal, Antipainting (Unwelcoming, Oppressive and Uncharismatic -- Central Coast, #1),
acrylic, graphite, and ink on polyflax
18 ¾ x 23 ¾ in.

Starting bid $200

All of these paintings are titled “Noncommittal, Antipainting …” as a means of first expressing my hesitation about making paintings, and in order to communicate that the work is not about painting or making images, but, rather about using images.  I paint each one twice, and they are all black and white.  First, I make the initial painting, then paint out some of the image with white.  Then, I try to make the same painting again.  Each is from a series of ‘California Landscape Paintings.’  The parenthetical parts of the titles use words used to describe California by early explorers/settlers followed by a descriptor of the place the image depicts (ie., places I’ve surfed, hiked, etc.) 

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