Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Romy Scheroder

Hypnogog, 2010
graphite on paper
9.5" X 6"

Hypnopomp, 2010
graphite on paper
9.5" x 6"

Artist’s Statement
As a sculptor and conceptual crafter my process involves removing the functionality from vintage chairs, transforming their utility through a complex process of cutting, altering, sanding and reassembling.  I am attracted to the chair as a medium because it is suggestive of the human body--and the female form in particular--due to its connotations of domesticity, utility, and the possession of both emotional and physical attributes.

In selecting a chair, I look for lines and forms that resemble the human form such as soft curves, delicate joints, and visually appealing textures. My process involves skewing or exaggerating these features in a way that upsets or distorts reality, alternately evoking disquiet, sentimentality, and the sense of the strangely familiar.  I am interested in generating emotion by exposing the underlying structure and raw material of my subjects. Recently I have used these chair forms to examine the body in public space and how the body navigates and communicates when space is compromised.

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