Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gabriel J. Shuldiner

Gabriel J. Shuldiner
1. what now [g0717] _ 2011

pbk_g “post_apocalyptic black”™ | modified + re|mixed + recycled acrylic polymer emulsions | inorganic synthetic carbon black | japanese kishu binchotan charcoal | alkyd resins | epoxy resins | gesso | spray paint | dust | spit | bayer lexan® polycarbonate resin thermoplastic sheet.
overall dimensions variable, approximately 
8.25 x 12.75 x .75 in. [21 x 32 x 1.9 cm.]
estimated value: $950.00 usd 


combining elements of minimalism + punk attitude, the idea is to [re]mix unmatchable elements + slash boundaries + create a [beautiful]tension between [opposites]: 

a sort of “post_postmodern + post_punk + post_rap + post_rave + post_medium + post_apocalyptic + post_existential zen meditation, at times deceptively sardonic + cynical + nihilistic…”

equal parts masculine + feminine, my work emanates from that black void 
where the “subversive avante_garde” + “post_altermodern chic” merge; where quantum theory becomes spiritual + meanings + classifications dissolve…

the distortion of context + meaning; layers + layers of information seen + unseen.

i remain fueled by the ironic + powered by black: the most mysterious + powerful + misunderstood color… 

gabriel j. shuldiner | s2011


gabriel j. shuldiner is born + raised + lives + works in manhattan, new york city. he received his mfa from parsons the new school for design in 2009 and was most recently selected for the bronx museum of the arts prestigious artist-in-the-marketplace program. 

a direct + natural extension of his artistic practice, gabriel launched his fleurs du mal collection of jewelry + accessories in 2010; think “tiny” versions of his larger highly conceptual all black sculptural paintings. 

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